The Best Movies to Watch When You’re Spending the Day Inside

As you are getting ready for the coldest of the winter months to approach you are most likely wondering what you are going to do with your kids, or what you and your significant other are going to do for fun now that you can no longer enjoy the outdoors without getting frostbite.

the best movies to watch, and also movies based on true stories

Many people choose to go ice skating, drive to see the Christmas lights, or go out and get cocoa to warm themselves up, but what about those of you that are not able to drive in the snow? No worries, you are certainly not alone in not wanting to leave the house when it is freezing out there. Why not watch a movie? Stay inside, gather your favorite blankets, the kids can make forts or beds on the floor to sit and watch. You and your significant other or your family can get snacks or make your favorite sweet treats and sit and enjoy movies all winter long. After all, who does not love to sit and watch a great movie?

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